GitHub Student Developer Pack

Make Your Life Easier with Gitpod. With Gitpod you have no more tedious setups, you save hours of compiling code, and you can start coding from any device, immediately.

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GitHub Student Offer

With the GitHub Student Developer Pack, you get the same features as with our usual plans but at a much better price. We’re happy to be able to empower student developers participating in it.

Open Source

  • 50 hours/month
  • Private & Public Repos
  • 4 Parallel Workspaces
  • 30min Timeout
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€8 Free
Per User/Month
  • All in Free
  • 100 hours/month
  • Limited to 6 months
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Student Unlimited

€35 €8
Per User/Month
  • All in personal plus
  • 16 Parallel Workspaces
  • Team Manageable
  • 1h Timeout
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Stop wasting time with tedious setups, learn amazing programming skills instead!

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