Gitpod vs GitHub Codespaces

Gitpod is the faster, more powerful open-source platform that integrates with your individual stack.

< 1 min
GitHub Codespaces
Build Project
> 15 min

Compared start-up time until ready-to-code for https://github.com/gitpod-io/vscode. Last verified 25 Sep 2020.

15x Faster Loading

Gitpod removes long init and build times by continuously pre-building workspaces for your project. Thereby it allows you to start coding or debugging immediately, from any context, at any time.

Simply add your build command into a .gitpod.yml file and let Gitpod do the heavy-lifting. Once you’ve experienced the freedom of ephemeral workspaces, you’ll never want to go back to long-lived, manually-maintained environments.

Why wait for long builds when you can start coding immediately?

More about Continuous Dev Environments.

2 vCPU
GitHub Codespaces
6 vCPU

Compared resources for 100 active hours at $9/month. Last verified 25 Sep 2020. Sources: Gitpod, GitHub Codespaces.

3x More Power

By leveraging cloud technologies like containers and Kubernetes, Gitpod achieves best-in-class resource-efficiency with scalable workspaces running on shared high-powered cloud servers.

Gitpod is not only more resource-efficient but it also runs on 100% carbon-neutral cloud servers (GCP).


Gitpod puts developers' interest first and thereby guarantees full transparency and flexibility. Integrate, don't dictate.

  • host Gitpod yourself on GCP, AWS, Azure or self-managed Kubernetes
  • works just as smoothly with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket
  • contribute to Gitpod and build customizations yourself

Gitpod vs GitHub Codespaces at a Glance



GitHub Codespaces

Pricing (Hosted)Free for Open-SourceQuestion Mark
LicenseOpen SourceProprietary
GitHubGitHub IntegrationCheck MarkCheck Mark
GitLabGitLab IntegrationCheck MarkCross
BitbucketBitbucket IntegrationCheck MarkCross
Google Cloud PlatformSelf-Host on GCPCheck MarkCross
Amazon Web ServicesSelf-Host on AWSCheck MarkCross
KubernetesSelf-Host on KubernetesCheck MarkCross
Prebuilds Check MarkCross
Snapshots Check MarkCross
VS Code ExtensionsCheck MarkCheck Mark
iPad SupportCheck MarkCheck Mark
Virtual Desktop (VNC)Check MarkCheck Mark
Multi-IDE SupportComing soonCross
 Disclaimer: All information, prices, and data were last verified on Sept. 25, 2020. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please contact us.

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