Securely onboard contract developers

Skip onboarding, jump straight to development

Start building on your own machine with Cloud Development Environments

Bring your own device

Contractors can bring their own devices as Gitpod securely hosts source code and data that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Secure Terminal with Confiugration gear

Secure access controls

Automate temporary and fine-grained access to any sensitive data. Gitpod uses encryption, global policies and environment isolation to safeguard IP against potential exfiltration.

Monitor and manage contractor access

Monitor and manage contractor access

Manage environment access, assign limited roles, and monitor activity to ensure adherence to project guidelines and security policies.

VDI v/s CDE - Gitpod

VDIs were not built for development

Setting up Docker on VDIs is tricky and requires security controls.

Skip onboarding, jump to development

Onboarding involves setting up a user account and defining access permissions. From there, contractors simply sign into Gitpod with SSO and start coding.

Installing Python packages on Gitpod to represent standard enrionment

Onboarding contractors across enterprises like

Get started with any project

Authenticate with Git. Pick a repo, yours or ours. Choose a workspace class and go.