Skip broken dependencies and underpowered laptops

Open Gitpod and you've already saved 10 minutes on your Python installation with their prebuilds feature, and AWS is set up.

Jelle De Vleminck, Data Platform Lead at Luminus

Speeding up 1M+ developers in teams like

Connect your data stack, no support required

Secretless Auth with Gitpod IDP

No credentials required

Gitpod integrates with managed-cloud services like S3 and Snowflake, ensuring immediate access to data services with user-specific access controls upon workspace setup.

Complieting pie chart

Complete your
data platform

With CDEs, your data platform is connected to tools like Git and Docker, steering your data team towards industry best practices.

New workspace screen of Gitpod

Choose your own processing power

Gitpod Workspaces give you custom configuration of RAM and storage or can be used preset with up to 30 cores, 54GB RAM and 100GB of storage.

Data stack ecosystem in Gitpod

Your modern data stack, connected

Gitpod CDEs seamlessly integrate into existing data workflows.

Standardized environments

Dependencies are difficult to manage. Tools like conda and renv capture some of your environment, but not everything. Gitpod Workspaces reproduce every time.

Installing Python packages on Gitpod to represent standard enrionment

Watch a demo

Play: Gitpod for data teams in 120 seconds

“Teams just want to implement their business logic. There were lots of challenges with Windows machines and WSL. And not all team members are Linux experts, know how all the Python build tools work, know how to work best with virtual environments and so on. It was a hassle and we didn’t need them to become infrastructure experts.”

Jelle De Vleminck, Data Platform Lead at Luminus

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