Freedom in development

Huge time saver, less frustrations for developers: automated ready-to-code development environments with pre-built workspaces

Sven Peters, DevOps Advocate at Atlassian

Get back into flow,
forget environment issues forever

Share workspace with Contrcators

Broke your environment? Launch a new one

Gitpod workspaces are pre-configured with all the tools required to be always ready-to-code. If you break an environment variable or package, simply spin-up a new workspace with a single click.

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Instantly share a preview of your environment

Because your workspace is cloud-based, sharing a preview is simple -- just share the workspace link. No complex tunnel setups required. Pair program with ease, get a product management or QA feedback instantly, or get help from a DevOps engineer to debug your environment.

Stylized code-block containing a github workflow yaml file and a soft, orange glow behind it.

Zero latency, feels just like local

While your workspace is running in the cloud, you can still use the exact same editor as you would locally. That means download speeds for your packages and editing experience are indistinguishable from local work, including only the smoothest of keystrokes.

Integrate Ecosystem

Not just for browser editing, use JetBrains or Vim

Integrate into your organization’s existing development infrastructure, from git providers (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket), and IDEs (VS Code, JetBrains), to Internal Developer Portals (Backstage) and the cloud (AWS).

Your workspace customized your way

Use a dotfiles repository to bring your favourite shell, bash aliases and scripts to customize your workspaces.

Reproduceable dev. environments with Gitpod

“Teams just want to implement their business logic. There were lots of challenges with Windows machines and WSL. And not all team members are Linux experts, know how all the Python build tools work, know how to work best with virtual environments and so on. It was a hassle and we didn’t need them to become infrastructure experts.”

Jelle De Vleminck, Data Platform Lead at Luminus

Join platform teams, everywhere.

Development environments pre-configured with the tools and dependencies needed to get inspired and start building.