Gitpod vs JetBrains Space

Gitpod is the vendor neutral, open-source platform that integrates with your individual stack including all JetBrains IDEs.

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Better together

Gitpod and JetBrains entered into a long term partnership with a deep product integration. You can work in cloud developer environments provisioned by Gitpod using your favorite desktop IDE from JetBrains.

JetBrains’ IDEs within Gitpod

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Greater cost-efficiency

Instead of running on expensive VMs, Gitpod provisions secure containers and achieves best-in-class resource-efficiency with scalable workspaces running on shared high-powered cloud servers. Saves you money, helps our planet 🌱.

Greater cost-efficiency

Price comparison for a developer working 5h per day, 21 per month with 8 core CPUs and 12GB RAM. Last verified 7 Feb 2022. Sources: Gitpod, JetBrains Space.

Your environment, your tools, your craft

We adapt, so you don't need to. That's why we natively integrated JetBrains IDEs into Gitpod next to VS Code and other editors. Don't limit yourself or your organization to one editing experience and choose from the best options available.

Open Source

Gitpod puts developers first and seemlessly integrates with your existing tools & workflows.

  • Contribute to Gitpod and build your own integrations and customizations
  • Check Gitpod's open code base and join our vibrant developer community

  • Work just as smoothly with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket

Ephemeral workspaces

Spin up preconfigured, standardized dev environments from any git context when you need them and close them when you're done. Once you’ve experienced the freedom, you won’t go back to the friction of long-living stateful environments.

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Cloud development without friction that integrates with your individual stack.



JetBrains Space

JetBrains Space

Jetbrains IDEs available to use with Gitpod

Ready to launch your JetBrains IDE within Gitpod?

If you already have a Gitpod account, simply go to /preferences and choose your default editor.