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CDEs for large engineering orgs

Curious why many of the largest tech companies are adopting CDEs? Our whitepaper explores a business perspective on CDEs and their benefits for engineering teams.

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In this white paper, you'll learn:

  • What are Cloud Development Environments (CDEs)?
  • Why are large tech companies adopting CDEs?
  • What are the benefits of CDEs for engineering teams


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Kent Beck

signatory of Agile Manifesto and re-creator of Test-Driven Development

The first advantage of CDEs for developers is the time they save. I’ve seen different numbers for the current cost of keeping a development environment working, but it’s certainly tens of percent of working time.

More important, will be all the programs that folks will try writing because they are no longer afraid of wasting another 4 hours before giving up. One of those programs that wouldn’t have been started will turn out to be exceedingly valuable.

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Keith Adams

Former Chief Architect of Slack

Gitpod is the most exciting developer tool I have encountered since, I don’t know, telnet maybe? Unix? It’s been a while.

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Tom Preston-Werner

Founder of GitHub

CDEs are like perfectly configured, high powered developer laptops that you can use and discard as easily as sticky notes. One perfect laptop for every project you work on, so you can say goodbye to dependency collision issues between unrelated projects.

CDEs are especially powerful in complex environments at large companies. At GitHub we built our own complex setup script to provision developer laptops, always aiming to get new employees committing to main on their first day. It still didn't work 100%. CDEs make it easy.

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