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Learn the basics of cloud development environments

  • What is a cloud development environment (CDE)
  • Why decision-makers care about developing on CDEs
  • Ways to improve common engineering organization problems like developer productivty, talent retention,
    high costs and security vulnerabilities
  • Why platform teams choose CDEs

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Hear from our customers

Gitpod offers a compelling developer experience, and reduces our developer downtime to nearly zero. Running in the cloud enabled new ways of working together that weren’t possible before. We were able to modernize our development environment and increase internal developer satisfaction by 45 percentage points.

Roger Goldfinger

Roger Goldfinger

Senior Staff Software Engineer at Quizlet

You can either spend 3 days of your life setting them up and teaching them how the environment works, or you can give them a button and say ‘click here'. I'd estimate engineer saves 5 to 10 hours monthly on development environment challenges that don't exist with Gitpod.

Josep Jaume

Josep Jaume

Senior Staff Engineer at Factorial

This is how software development should be done. I shouldn’t even spend one minute of my day investigating my dev environment. Gitpod easily saves every engineer half a day per week.

François Ruty

François Ruty

CTO at Shares

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