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DevX Digest 09 - How DevX affects us all

DevX Digest 09 - How DevX affects us all

Welcome to DevX Digest - the place to hear all about Developer Experience, brought to you by Pauline Narvas (@paulienuh) and Mike Nikles (@mikenikles) from Gitpod. You’re reading another DevX Digest from us 🎉!

On another episode of DevXPod, we sat down with Brittney Postma, Founder of Svelte Sirens, Content Creator at CodingCat.dev and Software Engineer about her thoughts on the way developer experience affects all of us.

As usual, in today’s newsletter, we’ll be sharing some of our key takeaways from the podcast episode. If you’d like to listen to the full episode, head over to your favourite podcast platform and search for DevXPod. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a rating ⭐️ Alternatively, if you’d prefer to read a transcript of our conversation head over to our Buzzsprout site!

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Key take-home messages

Brittney started her tech journey learning React onFreeCodeCamp and Udemy. She’s been recognised in several communities for her contributions and for being one of the first to finishthe complete react developer by zero to mastery course. Today, she focuses mostly on Svelte. Her story was particularly interesting coming as all got into tech in different ways and learned in different ways too!

Relating to developer experience, the onboarding into the tech world is constantly evolving. For example, in the past developers would learn from books but today there are videos, playgrounds and more! Simply put, “We’re all in the business of developer experience” Brittney shared. No matter what your role is, DevX affects us all from education to developer productivity.

Closely related, DevX improves end user experience as it will allow developers to ship more, build faster and focus on other tasks. Netlify once again received a shoutout for their brilliant developer experience. Brittney also commented on how she believes that the future of developer experience lies in automating as much of the developer lifecycle as possible which will boost all the developer productivity benefits.

This week’s shoutout by our guest is Svelte Sirens - a place for women and non-binary folks to learn about Svelte and the JAMStack Community. Don’t forget to check them out!

DevX Digest is community-driven 🤝

Another thing about Gitpodders is that we’re all driven by community feedback, and this newsletter is no exception! Please send us your thoughts, feedback and help us navigate this conversation. We may even feature some of your takes and comments in future newsletters!

Come and hang out with us over on our Discord. 👋🏼

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