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Image of the redesigned Gitpod button in GitHub's toolbar.

November 3, 2023

You can now specify the exact SCM hosts in your Gitpod browser extension settings

We recently updated the browser extension to allow self-hosted source control management (SCM) like Bitbucket and GitLab. We implemented this change by updating the browser extension to run on all hosts, which caused concern for some of our users. We heard your feedback, and have now updated the extension so that you can customize the hosts where the Gitpod browser extension should run. The latest browser extension version enables (by default) the following hosts: github.com, gitlab.com and bitbucket.org. You can now also to opt-in to enable additional hosts, such as a self-hosted SCM. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Users who already have the extension installed - Any previously allowed hosts will persist, including those who allowed all websites. You can now update the opt-in hosts in your browser extension settings.
  2. Users who do not have the extension installed - Install the extension as normal, and opt-in to enable any relevant SCM hosts, if self-hosted support is required.

For more, see the browser extension documentation.