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An example gitpod.yml configuration showing the protocol property set to https

June 19, 2023

Workspaces forward ports using the HTTPS protocol

In Gitpod, you can now expose ports from your workspace running with HTTPS.

Previously, HTTPS ports exposed in a workspace would show a “port not found” page when accessed. You can configure the port protocol either in your gitpod.yml or via the Gitpod CLI.

Configuring a port protocol in .gitpod.yml

To ensure a port is always configured with a specific protocol you can update the ports definition block in .gitpod.yml as below. Updating your .gitpod.yml is the preferred approach to using the gp CLI (see below), as the .gitpod.yml is declarative and ensures workspaces are created repeatably.

language icon yml
    - name: Frontend Application
      port: 3000
      protocol: https

Dynamically updating port protocols with gp

You can dynamically change the protocol of a port using the gp ports protocol command.

For example, gp ports protocol 3000:https will change port 3000 to use https.

Or, gp ports protocol 3000:http will change port 3000 to use http. By default, ports are set as HTTP.

See configuring ports, Gitpod CLI gitpod.yml for more.