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October 15, 2021

Introducing Teams & Projects

Up until today, you must have felt at times that your Gitpod dashboard is a pretty empty place 😔. All you had, besides settings and stuff, was a list of your active workspaces (not even old ones without changing the filter - yep yep, we fixed that too 😉).

We are so stoked to announce Teams & Projects (& Prebuilds) available in beta 🎉

To get started right away, gitpod.io/new.


You can now create teams (as many as you want) and invite your co-workers, friends & family to collaborate on your projects.


Remember .gitpod.yml, checked in to your project’s root directory? It’s still the first place we look for Gitpod configuration, but when you create a project in the Gitpod dashboard, we now do our best to be smart and suggest a sensible default configuration for your project (insert something something machine learning - jk, there’s no magic).

Bonus - Prebuilds 🤩

Nobody asked me, but if they had I would have said the announcement should have been Teams, Projects & Prebuilds 😅. How come?

For the first time ever, we now show you each and every prebuild we run for your project! Check the status, view the logs or trigger new prebuilds from within the dashboard.

When you use the new onboarding workflow at gitpod.io/new, we help you kick off your first prebuild. With prebuilds, Gitpod builds your dev environment for each change you push to your repository. This means, when you’re ready to open a new workspace, it’ll already have all init start tasks executed.

You can learn more in the docs.

Expect more updates to all this over time. For now we’d love to hear about your experience. Please let us know in the feedback issue, contact us via Twitter @gitpod or chat with us at https://www.gitpod.io/chat.

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Fixes and improvements

  • #5695 - Allows renaming of workspace description.

  • #5938 - Add 5 second interval automatic page reload to default 404 page for unserved ports. Thanks to @rohan-patra.

  • #5918 - [prebuilds] fix prebuild logs with multiple tasks

  • #5787 - improve websocket reconnection handling in the frontend

  • #5633 - Update code to 1.60.0

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