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July 29, 2022

July Self-Hosted Release

We’ve released a new version of Self-Hosted Gitpod. Update instructions can be found in our update guide. You can read more about how to install it from scratch in our documentation. More details on this release can be found on GitHub.

If you are on a paid Self-Hosted plan, this release will be promoted to your release channel in one week.

For feedback, please raise an issue or chat with us.

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Feature highlights

Here are the highlights of what is included in this new version of Gitpod Self-Hosted:

Further, a lot has been improved on the documentation side of Gitpod Self-Hosted, specifically around operating Gitpod:

  • How to backup and restore Gitpod
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery considerations with Gitpod
  • We’ve also restructured the Self-Hosted section in our documentation to have a clearer separation of concerns around the intent of the documentation.

Breaking changes

There are minor breaking changes regarding how you configure workspace resource limits and workspace image defaults. Please refer to the 2022.07 upgrade guide in the documentation for details.

Fixes and improvements

  • You can now configure the service type of the proxy service in the installation UI - you do not need to upload a .yaml file as a config patch anymore to configure this. However, having it in the config patch will still work until December.

  • We’ve improved the time to deploy an update by removing the need to restart the message queue every time we deploy. This has the side benefit of reducing the risk of running workspaces misbehaving during an update. For more information, see the related issue.

A full list of changes can be found in the release notes on GitHub.