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I migrated my entire development environment from Dynaconf to @gitpod the tool is amazing, I can access my complete workspaces from any device and run almost everything from vscodium + containers, right in the browser!
Bruno Rocha

Bruno Rocha


This @gitpod thing is magic! Pretty cool, without any extra configuration. Good work!
Bartłomiej Płotka

Bartłomiej Płotka


it has been 3 months since i started using and paying @gitpod as my default env (in browser), replacing WSL + vscode + docker. The benefits are huge! Disposable workspaces are the best feature. Also @AnagolayNet, @IdiyanaleNet & @kelp_digital are developed with them exclusively
Daniel Maricic

Daniel Maricic


I gotta say, open source contribution with projects that have figured out @gitpod setup (and prebuilds!) is a freaking DREAM 🤩
Mike Fiedler, Code Gardener

Mike Fiedler, Code Gardener


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