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I find it crazy that I can write code from my iPad 30,000 feet ✈️ off the ground thanks to @gitpod

The IDE experience is a little buggy on the iPad browser, but this seems like the future of coding 🤯
Pranav Shikarpur

Pranav Shikarpur


I just want to say 🤯

Dear @gitpod where have you been all my life?!? 😉
Such an awesome project 👍 so easy to open a new dev environment right from an issue page 🤤
I have only started using @gitpod + @fastdotai #nbdev but I can already see a jump in my productivity 🤩



Thanks, @gitpod for the amazing work. You let us move our work environment to the cloud.



I gotta say, open source contribution with projects that have figured out @gitpod setup (and prebuilds!) is a freaking DREAM 🤩
Mike Fiedler, Code Gardener

Mike Fiedler, Code Gardener


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    89 amazing Discord contributions

    David Bakin (david.bakin#0108) has been actively helping the community with questions in our Discord server. In the past 30 days, he’s contributed 89 times across the server by answering questions and contributing to discussions! ✨

    David Bakin

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