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Gitpodifying — The Ultimate Guide

I recently stumbled upon a new project on GitHub that piqued my interest. It proposed a new type of database that I was dying to try out. So

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How to get started with dbt and Gitpod

A guide to getting started with dbt and Gitpod. Inclusive of examples using dbt + BigQuery and dbt + Snowflake.

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🔋 Supercharged persistent terminal history — With Gitpod + Atuin

A guide for setting up Atuin, a tool to supercharge your terminal history, and sync history across all your Gitpod workspaces. Download the Atuin CLI, register, update your Dotfiles and you're set!

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How to use a custom Java distribution on Gitpod

Gitpod workspace image (the image on which your environment runs) comes with preinstalled Java development tools like SDKMan,and Gradle. There are at least two ways how you can to configure Java version for each new Gitpod workspace.

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Integrate AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) and Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) with Gitpod

This guide, will show you how you can set up AWS SSO & AWS ECR on Gitpod ephemeral workspace

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Build Projects in a Gitpod Ephemeral Dev Environment — The Ultimate Guide

This guide will focus on topics and concepts that can help you set up an ephemeral dev environment on Gitpod

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Getting started with Gitpod in Android

A detailed guide for setting up your Android phone for optimal development experience with Gitpod

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Automate .env files with Gitpod environment variables

Gitpod's environment variables can be used to securely persist small files between workspaces without committing them to source control. Use this feature to automate the storage and retrieval of a .env file when workspaces are created.

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Connect Multiple Repositories on Gitpod using Tailscale

Tailscale’s secure mesh technology based on WireGuard can connect machines securely across the internet, frictionlessly. ✨ This article will show how easy it is to connect Gitpod workspaces over a secure tunnel provided by Tailscale.

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Set up a Spring Boot Remote Development Environment With JetBrains Gateway and Gitpod

Setting up your first Spring project using JetBrains Gateway and Gitpod.

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Appwrite and Gitpod

Develop your Appwrite application on Gitpod without the need to install Docker on your local computer.

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