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Self-host Gitpod Enterprise for 30 days, free

Self-host Gitpod Enterprise for 30 days, free

Last year, we launched Gitpod Enterprise, a self-hosted, single-tenant deployment of our cloud development environment (CDE) platform designed to address the needs of customers with robust security and compliance requirements. In response to growing demand, we’ve launched a self-serve option for those wanting to trial our self-hosted CDE, free of charge.

A quick refresh on CDEs: CDEs are on-demand, pre-configured with all tools, libraries and dependencies required to be ready-to-code.

The benefits of self-hosting with Gitpod Enterprise

Gitpod Enterprise is hosted by you and managed by us. This brings the benefits of both a self-hosted product, and a SaaS product, without compromising on security or compliance.

With Gitpod Enterprise, users get:

  • Enhanced security and control: single-tenant installations allow for isolation of source code, dependencies and development environments.
  • Resource isolation: resources are isolated at the infrastructure level, as they are deployed exclusively for one customer in their AWS account.
  • Air gap support: securely access private resources and ensure protection from data exfiltration, malware infiltration and unauthorized external network connections.
  • 10+ cloud regions: select the region where your data will be stored.

All Gitpod offering, are SOC 2 compliant.

Trial Gitpod Enterprise for 30 days

Request a Gitpod Enterprise trial template to get started right away.

Learn more → Gitpod Enterprise.

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Development environments pre-configured with the tools and dependencies needed to get inspired and start building.

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