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Introducing RubyMine and WebStorm support for Gitpod

Introducing RubyMine and WebStorm support for Gitpod

Today, we continue to expand support for JetBrains IDEs with Gitpod as part of our official partnership and general 💕 love and admiration for Jetbrains. At Gitpod we have a value Integrate, don’t dictate which means we believe in the power of your choice. WebStorm and RubyMine users rejoice! You may now choose to use WebStorm and RubyMine with Gitpod 🎉.

Here’s a screencast to see exactly how working with JetBrains IDE and Gitpod looks.

Getting Started

Here’s how you can get started with a JetBrains IDE in Gitpod today:

  1. Install JetBrains Gateway - With the JetBrains Gateway and Gitpod plugin you can create and manage your latest 20 Gitpod workspaces.
  2. Install the Gitpod plugin - Open JetBrains Gateway and you’ll see the Gitpod logo on the main page. Click “install” to install the Gitpod plugin for JetBrains Gateway.
  3. Update your Gitpod preferences - Select RubyMine or WebStorm on the Gitpod preferences page which will set RubyMine or WebStorm as your default IDE for future workspace starts.
  4. Start (or restart) your workspace - Either start a workspace directly from within the JetBrains Gateway via the Gitpod plugin OR open a new workspace directly in Gitpod where on workspace start you will be prompted to open RubyMine or WebStorm for that workspace.

Learn more about WebStorm and RubyMine in Gitpod

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