Gitpod Self-Hosted Reference

⚠️ Self-hosted as a product is no longer supported

The last official update of this product is the November 2022 self-hosted release. We no longer sell commercial self-hosted licenses. If you want to self-host Gitpod, you can still request our free community license. However, we no longer offer support or updates for it. If you are interested in an isolated, private installation of Gitpod, take a look at Gitpod Dedicated. Read our blog on Gitpod Dedicated to learn why we made the decision to discontinue self-hosted.

Reference information for Gitpod Self-Hosted:

  • Requirements - Information on which components Gitpod requires
  • Product compatibility Matrix - Information on which versions of components do and do not work with Gitpod
  • Releases - Information about how Gitpod is released
  • Telemetry - Information about the telemetry that is gathered
  • Upgrade Guides - Information to take into account when upgrading to a specific version

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