Stay in the Flow and Scale Up Your Productivity

Better Teamwork

With Gitpod, reviewing code and finding bugs becomes more convenient than ever.

Your team can collaborate asynchronously with Gitpod Snapshots, and synchronously with live-shared workspaces

Gitpod also makes it easy for non-developers to open a workspace.

Less Costs for More Machine Power

You can use elastic clouds to satisfy your demand as needed.

With Gitpod there is no need for many $3000 laptops, a few good servers are already enough.

Servers are also more cost-effective because they are shared resources.

More Secure

Host Gitpod yourself and your source code will never leave your corporate infrastructure.

With Gitpod you can roll out new runtimes, libraries and frameworks faster, as they only need to be on the server and not on developer laptops and workstations.

Self-Hosted Gitpod runs on your corporate network, keeps your data in your infrastructure, and does not require an internet connection.

Smooth Integration

All Gitpod needs is a Kubernetes cluster.

It enables user authentication and integration with your GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, or Bitbucket.

Please contact us for further customizations.

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It’s our aim to make developers’ life easier!

Gitpod Enterprise Pricing

You have the choice to either host Gitpod yourself or to use our cloud infrastructure.

 Gitpod Managed Gitpod Self-HostedFREE Trial
PricingStarting at $3000 per month$20 per user per month
Managed ByGitpodYou
Infrastructure> 1 geographical regionsOn-prem or private cloud
GitHub Logo
GitHub Logo GitHub Enterprise
GitLab Logo
GitLab Logo GitLab Self-Managed
Bitbucket Logo BitbucketSoonSoon
Custom AuthenticationOAuth2OAuth2
Custom Branding
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