Meet us at KubeCon NA in Detroit

October 26-28
Detroit, USA

We'll be at Booth SU42. Come visit us in person or see us in our virtual booth online.

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Our KubeCon talks

Hear from Gitpodders during our KubeCon talks onsite.

Kubernet-Bees: How Bees Solve Problems Of Distributed Systems

Wednesday, October 26
2:30pm - 3:05pm

Many CNCF participants use bees as logos (e.g. eBPF, Cilium, GiantSwam, Honeycomb). This is no coincidence; the two worlds have more in common than you might think. Read more

Fast Image Pulls Using IPFS And Opportunistic Caching

Friday, October 28
11:55am - 12:30pm

Image pull times pose a considerable challenge when optimising for fast container starts within Kubernetes, due to potentially large images or network topology, bandwidth and egress cost constraints. Read more

Booth sessions

Come by our booth, we’re excited to talk with you.

JetBrains 🤝 Gitpod demo

Wednesday - Thursday, October 26-27
2pm - 3pm

Join Ernst Haagsman from JetBrains at our booth who will demo how the Gitpod x JetBrains integration works with a Java-based project as an example.

Product Demo

If you’re with us onsite, feel free to stop by for a demo!

If you’d like to book a online demo call with our Gitpod engineers, schedule one here.

Join our community!

Our community is at the centre of everything at Gitpod. We're excited to have you join us. 🧡 Find out ways that you can get involved.

Get your hands on some swag! 🍊

For a chance to win one of our Gitpod fan boxes, tweet at us (@gitpod) about the best DevX you’ve ever experienced. There will be extra points for tweets with photos by our booth if you’re with us onsite. We’ll pick our favourites and send you a link to redeem your swag box 📦 📦 📦

A look back at previous KubeCons

Here are some of great memories from our time at previous KubeCons! 🧡

Team Gitpod at #KubeConEU! We’re here all day - stop by and say hello 🧡🍊

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I’m so happy to finally have met some of our friends from @gitlab 🥰

@john_cogs @olearycrew @dnsmichi, thank you for hanging out at our @gitpod booth! 🧡

Pauline P. Narvas ⭐

Pauline P. Narvas ⭐


Attendees at #KubeConEU 🇪🇸 We’re giving away a number of swag boxes 🍊
For a chance to win one of our exclusive swag boxes, tell us the biggest friction you've faced when onboarding to a new company! 👀

We’ll tweet the lucky winners ✨



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