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Gitpod 2023—a year in review

Gitpod 2023—a year in review

2023 was a year of breadth and depth for Gitpod. We focused on shipping enterprise-grade security with the most powerful version of Gitpod yet to address the needs of customers with unique security and compliance requirements. Join us as we look back to celebrate the progress we have made so far and some key features we are proud to have shipped.


Earlier this year, we made generally available Gitpod Enterprise, our self-hosted, single-tenant cloud development environment offering, and shipped product updates to improve how teams collaborate and work together.

We want to make the user experience of cloud development environments feel magical and help your team build software faster and more securely. To empower developers, and make developing with CDEs better, we focused on the user and workspace experience.


To connect with the community we organized CDE Universe, a conference that took place in San Francisco, to talk about cloud-first developer tools and build connections with the developer community. In addition, we took an active part in participating in KubeCon NA and OSS Summit EU, as well as created the space for more connections and interactions with the community.

  • Reached out to our community and organized 15+ community meet-ups across 10 countries around the world, letting the community also facilitate the meet-ups.
  • Organized 4 webinars to give our partners, customers, and community members a place to present and discuss ideas and solutions they’ve built.
  • Facilitated 8 community office hours, presenting our solutions and chatting with our community members.


Our team at Gitpod is a fully remote team distributed across more than 35 countries and regions. Over the last few years we have embraced flexible working hours, a strong bias for asynchronous communication, and non-linear workdays. Thus, not only everyone at the team works where they are most fulfilled but we also occasionally combine travel and work together when we can.

  • Last July, we traveled 3,000 kilometers in total around Greece, coworking with a group of Gitpodders and challenging our remote culture.
  • Last October, we invited everyone on the team to get together for an offsite in Austria to celebrate the progress we’ve made so far and discuss about our strategy onwards for next year.

What’s next?

In 2024, we look forward to sharing more of our product roadmap with prospective customers as we’re onboarding the next batch of enterprises choosing to be ready-to-code.

Follow along for what’s NEXT.

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