CDE Open Source Program

Gitpod's Open Source Program provides Gitpod Cloud users with 2,500 credits per month of free CDE usage.

“Gitpod totally changed the development velocity for RedwoodJS—it removed any issues related to configurations of dev environments and made it incredibly easy to contribute. Reviewing pull requests is delightful because they are prebuilt and ready for review!”

Tom Preston-Werner, Co-founder of GitHub

Always ready-to-code

CDEs are on-demand and pre-configured with all tools, libraries and dependencies you need.

Onboard contributors in seconds

With Gitpod, contributing to your project becomes seamless. Forget tedious setups and guides; now, a single click is all it takes.

Code anywhere, on any device

A Chromebook or even an iPad will work just fine. Anyone can contribute, no matter their hardware.

Gitpod Workspace on an iPad.

Collaboration made easy

Easily share dev environment configurations, changes to configurations, or real-time projects for easier collaboration.

Accept contributions safely

Source code is centrally and safely stored in the cloud, never locally, inhibiting malicious actors from infiltrating your workstations.

Program benefits


Free Gitpod Cloud

Maintainers get 2,500 credits per month for use Gitpod Cloud. This is equivalent to 250 hours of Standard workspace usage.

Personal onboarding

Onboarding support

One of our community engineers will be happy to help you get the most out of using CDEs for your open-source projects.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for Gitpod’s startup program, meet one of these criteria:

  • You are a maintainer, core contributor to a well-established open-source project.
  • You are an author, core contributor of extensions for editors such as VS Code, VIM, eMacs, et al. or of developer tools such as build systems, programming languages, compilers, and editor tooling such as Language Server Protocol (LSP) implementations.
  • A significant part of your income is from maintaining or producing open-source work.
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I'm not eligible but still want to use Gitpod

We have a very generous free plan which includes 500 credits, or up to 50h a month of Standard workspace usage, including private repos.

Open source is in our DNA

Gitpod is open source and so are all the tools we develop and contribute to.

Open VSX Registry

Open VSX Registry

A marketplace for open-source VS Code extensions that can be used for any compatible editor.

View on GitHub


Leeway is a heavily caching build system for Go, Yarn and Docker projects.

View on GitHub


An extensible framework to develop full-fledged multi-language Cloud & Desktop IDEs.

View on GitHub


A version of VS Code that runs a server on a remote machine and allows access through a modern web browser.

View on GitHub


An Docker/OCI image builder to build independent layers where a change to one layer does not invalidate the ones sitting "above" it.

View on GitHub


Werft is a Kubernetes-native CI system. It knows no pipelines, just jobs and each job is a Kubernetes pod. What you do in that pod is up to you.

View on GitHub

Acknowledging and supporting the maintainers

It wouldn't have been possible to create Gitpod without all the amazing open-source work it's built upon. See examples below!

Get started

Spend less time reviewing pull-requests or onboarding contributors, and more time building great things.