Linux Foundation & Gitpod partner to offer 250 free hours of Cloud Development Environments monthly

Sep 13, 2023

Linux Foundation & Gitpod partner to offer 250 free hours of Cloud Development Environments monthly

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TL;DR: Ready, set, code. Linux Foundation partners with Gitpod to provide 250 hours a month of Gitpod Cloud usage for free via Gitpod’s Open Source Program. Apply here.

We’re excited to announce that Gitpod is teaming up with the Linux Foundation as one of their flagship partners in launching the Linux Foundation Open Source Partner Program. Gitpod is joining five other companies to provide Linux Foundation maintainers access to best-in-class developer tooling for their Linux Foundation project work.

The Linux Foundation Open Source partner program sought to launch with a limited number of strategic partners that excelled in providing value to its projects in the following ways:

  • Technological innovation
  • User and market reach
  • Brand awareness
  • Project and maintainer impact
  • Monetary support

The program is centered around creating delight for Linux Foundation maintainers, and Gitpod Cloud Development Environments (CDEs) can do just that.

Gitpod simplifies developers’ workflows by providing on-demand, cloud development environments that are pre-configured with all the tools, libraries and dependencies required for developers to be always ready-to-code. Specifically for open-source projects, Gitpod can help in the following ways:

  • Faster time-to-value: demonstrate the end-to-end value of projects by Gitpodifying project examples. Users will be able to immediately open and interact with your project without installing dependencies or downloading packages → Guide to Gitpodifcation
  • Quick onboarding and contributions: project contributors can get started in any repo in a few seconds with the click of a button → The Quarkus example
  • Equitable and accessible: Gitpod CDEs promote development from any device, removing hardware limitations to developers. Maintainers can work with datacenter grade networking from any device, be it a Chromebook, iPad or even a phone → Gitpod on-the-go
  • Consistent environments: no more “works on my machine” problems, configure environments once and provide all maintainers access to the same setup → Automating your environment
  • Improved collaboration: shared environments enable maintainers to work concurrently with contributors, enabling quicker code reviews, problem-solving and enhancing project speed-to-market. No more context switching required → How to share a workspace
  • Securing supply chains: by not requiring any packages or dependencies to be downloaded to individual devices, Gitpod minimizes the risk of malicious actors compromising workstations → Securing CNCF software supply chains

“Gitpod totally changed the development velocity for RedwoodJS—it removed any issues related to configurations of dev environments and made it incredibly easy to contribute. Reviewing pull requests is delightful because they are prebuilt and ready for review!”

Tom Preston-Werner, Co-founder of GitHub

Linux Foundation project maintainers will be automatically accepted into Gitpod’s Open Source Program and will receive 2,500 credits monthly to use on Gitpod Cloud. This is roughly equivalent to 250 hours of development within a standard environment.

Gitpod Cloud is our CDE offering that is managed and hosted by us. It requires no setup to get started.

Apply to the Gitpod Open Source Program today to get started or speak to a member of our team for a demo!

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