From Theia to OpenVSCode Server - A history of Cloud IDEs from Gitpod's IDE architect

Background story about the last four years improving the editing experience of Cloud IDEs.

Avatar of akosyakov Oct 20, 2021

Introducing Teams & Projects

Teams, projects, prebuilds—it's now all at your fingertips.

Avatar of jankeromnes Avatar of mikenikles Avatar of gtsiolis Oct 15, 2021

Match made in automation heaven

Tabnine integrates with Gitpod in browser-based VS Code.

Avatar of JohannesLandgraf Avatar of mikenikles Oct 6, 2021

VS Code in the browser for everyone

Run the latest VS Code on a remote machine accessed through a modern web browser - from any device, from anywhere.

Avatar of JohannesLandgraf Avatar of svenefftinge Avatar of akosyakov Sep 28, 2021

Gitpod shipped GitHub a launch cake for Codespaces

This is a story about a cake. Following a long-standing tradition in technology, we decided to send an edible Gitpod workspace to GitHub's San Francisco office.

Avatar of ghuntley Sep 3, 2021

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