.NET in Gitpod

Example Repositories

Repository Description Try it
uno Build Mobile, Desktop and WebAssembly apps with C# and XAML Open in Gitpod
coolstore-microservices A Kubernetes-based microservices application on service mesh written in C# Open in Gitpod
uno.quickstart An Uno “Hello world!” project using Windows UWP, iOS, Android and WebAssembly Open in Gitpod
Fable F# to JavaScript Compiler written in F# Open in Gitpod

Installing the .NET Tools

To get all the .NET tools that you need pre-installed in your Gitpod workspaces, use the following base image in your .gitpod.yml:

image: gitpod/workspace-dotnet

If your project requires a GUI or Virtual Desktop, please use this image instead:

image: gitpod/workspace-dotnet-vnc

This will give you a full GUI Virtual Desktop for your .NET application! The Virtual Desktop will be running on port 6080.

Compiling .NET Code in Gitpod

To compile your C# or F# Code in Gitpod, run dotnet build <FILE>, where <FILE> is the path to the C# or F# project file or .NET solution file you want to compile.

Running .NET Code in Gitpod

To run your code after it has been compiled run dotnet <FILE> where <FILE> is the path to the EXE file you want to run. You can also run application with dotnet run <FILE> where <FILE> is the path to the C# or F# project file you want to compile and run.

Running .NET Code in watch-mode

Alternatively, you can also run your application in so-called watch-mode. In such configuration the application will recompile and rerun itself every time you save any source file belonging to the project. To run your code in watch-mode use dotnet watch --project <FILE> run where <FILE> is the path to the C# or F# project file you want to compile and run.

Useful VSCode Extensions

The C# Extension

C# Extension Demo

This extension brings code completion, snippets, auto-formatting, peek definition, refactoring, and hover documentation for C#! To install this extension for your repository, add the following to your .gitpod.yml file:

    - ms-vscode.csharp@1.21.12:kw8SkO8+aVTSFug281WfQQ==


Ionide fsharp Example

Ionide-fsharp gives F# developers the following features:

  • A Widget for your F# needs
  • Auto completion
  • Shows errors inline
  • Quickfix
  • Goto definition
  • Peek definition
  • And more…

To add this extension to your repository, add the following to your .gitpod.yml:

    - Ionide.Ionide-fsharp@4.6.2:yBkAE6j7z7gJ5WEcyMjEOg==

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