Rust in Gitpod

Welcome, Rustacean!

Rust is a first-class language in Gitpod, and we believe that Gitpod is a great tool for Rust projects. Some of Gitpod’s core developers frequently work with Rust code (in Gitpod), and several key components of Gitpod are written in Rust:

  • The fantastic language support is provided by the rls
  • The blazing-fast workspace search is powered by ripgrep

Rust Version

Both Rust v1.39.0 stable and nightly are pre-installed in Gitpod. Stable is the default, but you can switch to the nightly version of Rust by running rustup default nightly in a terminal.

Note: If you try to use rustup in your Dockerfile, you might get the following error:

/bin/sh: rustup command not found

To fix this you’ll need to wrap the rustup command in a login shell, like so:

RUN bash -cl "rustup toolchain install nightly"

You can override this default by committing a rustup-toolchain file in the root of your repository. Say for example you need the nightly compiler for March 4th, 2020, you would create a rustup-toolchain file and add the following


which will set the required Rust version and if you commit the file into source control it will set the default nightly version across all workspaces.

Example Repositories

Here are a few Rust example projects that are already automated with Gitpod:

Repository Description Try it
MathLang Basic maths language in Rust Open in Gitpod
NuShell A next-gen shell for the GitHub era Open in Gitpod
Servo The Servo Browser Engine Open in Gitpod

Workspace Configuration

VSCode Extensions

The most popular Rust VSCode extensions come prebuilt in Gitpod but here are some “nice to have” extensions:

Rust Test Explorer

Rust test explorer example

The Rust Test Explorer makes it easy to run Rust tests. To install this extension to your repository, add the following to your .gitpod.yml:

    - hbenl.vscode-test-explorer@2.15.0:koqDUMWDPJzELp/hdS/lWw==
    - Swellaby.vscode-rust-test-adapter@0.11.0:Xg+YeZZQiVpVUsIkH+uiiw==


Note: This extension outputs emojis by default if the crate version is set at the latest. You can disable this by using crates.upToDateDecorator option in your preferences

A crates extension demo The VSCode extension Crates makes it easier to manage your Cargo dependency versions. To install this extension to your repository add the following to your .gitpod.yml

    - serayuzgur.crates@0.4.7:HMkoguLcXp9M3ud7ac3eIw==


An example of search extension

Do you have an idea of a library you want to use but don’t know the version well just type in the name of the library and Search will get the version. To install this extension to your repository add the following to your .gitpod.yml


Better TOML

TOML Syntax highlighting example

Better TOML adds syntax highlighting to your Cargo.toml. To install Better TOML to your repository, add the following to your .gitpod.yml file:

    - bungcip.better-toml@0.3.2:3QfgGxxYtGHfJKQU7H0nEw==