Deno in Gitpod

It’s easy to set up Deno in Gitpod.

Setting up the Dockerfile

Add a Dockerfile to your project as .gitpod.Dockerfile:

FROM gitpod/workspace-full

RUN curl -fsSL | sh
RUN /home/gitpod/.deno/bin/deno completions bash > /home/gitpod/.bashrc.d/90-deno && \
    echo 'export DENO_INSTALL="/home/gitpod/.deno"' >> /home/gitpod/.bashrc.d/90-deno && \
    echo 'export PATH="$DENO_INSTALL/bin:$PATH"' >> /home/gitpod/.bashrc.d/90-deno

And configure this Dockerfile in your .gitpod.yml:

  file: .gitpod.Dockerfile

It’ll run the latest Deno version and install the Bash completions.

Example Repositories

Here are a few Deno example projects that are already automated with Gitpod:

Repository Description Try it
fake-log-generator Generator for fake log files as CLI application Open in Gitpod

Edit this page to add another examples.

VSCode Extensions

Here is a useful extensions that you’ll likely want to install in your Deno project.


To add this extension to your repository, simply add these lines to your .gitpod.yml configuration file:

    - denoland.vscode-deno@2.3.1:EQc/TzIQd+H8BcYsPXTo/A==

Still Have Questions?

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